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if puppies could talk I would never even try to make human friends ever again.



There was this cute lesbian couple on the train the other day and I said “you two look so cute together”, or something to that effect, and one of them started crying. Turns out they were tourists from a particularly intolerant part of Russia and they couldn’t believe how nice people are here in New Zealand.

Me: I'm running out of room on my bookshelves, what am I going to do?
Me: ....
Me: *buys more books*
Me: *whispers* I had to, they were calling to me



I’m sorry did you save the doctor with cpr

Did you defeat a witch’s spell with a rhyming word from harry potter

Did you take care of the doctor in 1913 England when he didn’t even remember himself

Did you recognize the master before the doctor did

Did you save all of humanity’s ass from the master by spreading the story of the doctor?


Then why don’t you stop being a little bitch about Martha Jones being a useless unneeded character 


Track: He Mele No Lilo
Artist: Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus
Album: Lilo & Stitch OST
Plays: 2,150,877


Fantastic beasts and where Hagrid hides them.

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